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Year 6 Transition

Advanced - Drama & Theatre



You should have achieved an Average Point Score across all your GCSE subjects of 4+, including a grade 5 in English.
It is desirable but not essential to have studied drama at GCSE. 


    • To develop students’ interest in drama and theatre as participants and informed members of an audience.
    • To develop students’ knowledge and understanding of major influences in theatre.
    • To offer students a range of opportunities to develop drama and theatre skills creatively and imaginatively.
    • To integrate theory and practice.

The A Level is made up of three components:
Component 1: Devising 40% (internally assessed/externally moderated). In this component, students will develop their creative and exploratory skills to devise an original performance. They will work in a group of 3-6 performers and create a piece of drama lasting between 20 and 30 minutes. The final performance is worth 25% of the marks for this component. The starting point (stimulus) for the devising process is an extract from a performance text and an influential theatre practitioner. Students are also required to document, reflect and evaluate the process and final performance in their written portfolio which is 3000 words in length. The portfolio is worth 75% of the marks for this component.
Component 2: Text in Performance 20% (externally assessed).
In this component, students will learn how performance texts are constructed to convey meaning. They will demonstrate understanding of how to use the performance space to convey relationships between performers and audience, and how to use appropriate design elements to enhance meaning in performance.
In Section A students perform either a monologue or a duologue. In Section B students contribute to a group performance. Both performances are assessed by a visiting examiner. For each performance, students are required to write a brief explanation of their intentions in performance. The statement of intent must not surpass 250 words and is seen by the visiting examiner.
Component 3: Theatre Makers in Practice 40% (externally assessed). This component, taking the form of a two and a half hour written exam, requires students to consider, analyse and evaluate how different theatre makers create impact. Throughout the component, they will consider how production ideas and dramatic elements are communicated to an audience from the perspective of a director, a performer and a designer. Two play texts will be practically explored, in order to demonstrate how ideas for performance and production might be realised from page to stage. They will also experience a live theatre production and reflect on their experiences as an informed audience member.

Acting, design, directorial work in film and theatre. As well as a single degree subject at University, A’ Level Drama and Theatre can also lead to careers in acting, design and directional work in film and theatre. It is widely regarded as a beneficial subject when seeking employment as it shows that students possess vital qualities such as teamwork and presentation skills.