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Year 6 Transition

Advanced - Media Studies




You should have achieved an Average Point Score across all your GCSE subjects of 5+.
It is desirable but not essential to have studied Media at GCSE. Grade 6 in English.

This subject aims to allow students to develop their knowledge and skills of film, TV and magazine analysis through a combination of practical projects and exam work.
Media Studies will be of interest to students who have an interest in media and like to combine practicality with exam skills. Learners will explore, through the use of all four aspects of the theoretical framework, how the media language of media products construct different representations and how media products are used by institutions to communicate messages to different media audiences.
During Year 12, students will also begin and develop their practical skills in preparation for their NEA in Year 13; which will be a set print brief set by the exam board.
The course will give the students the opportunity to develop their interests and competencies at A Level where they might decide to pursue them further in a media-related degree or vocational
The A Level two –year course is split in the following way:
30% NEA (Non-Examined Assessment) and two exams; each worth 35%.

The course comprises three units:
COMPONENT-1: Media Products, Industries and Audiences:
Written exam (2 hours 15 minutes)
In this unit student study the following media forms: advertising and marketing; music video;
newspapers; film; radio; video games.
COMPONENT-2: Media Forms and Products in Depth
Written exam (2 hours 30 minutes)
In this unit students study the following media forms: TV; magazines; online media.
COMPONENT-3: Cross-Media Production

Non-Examined Assessment
In this unit students will create a magazine front cover, contents page and double page spread
feature article for new magazine. Students will also produce a 2.5 minute audio sequence from
a radio current affairs programme about the launch of the magazine.

Journalist, Photographer, Broadcast engineer, Account executive, Post-production, Radio broadcasting, Editor, Web design, Creative director, Runner (film production), Sound engineering, Copywriter, Art editor, Proof-reader, Illustrator, Publishing.