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Year 6 Transition

Physical Education

Introduction to Prospective Students


About the Faculty

This is a vibrant academic faculty with its sights set on providing a rich and intellectually-invigorating environment in which to learn and thrive.

With 6 faculty members on the team, specialisms including cricket, football, netball and swimming, this department is richly-diverse, weaving scholarly endeavour in core, GCSE, BTEC and A-Level PE.

They pride themselves on delivering high-quality physical education through a wide variety of different sports/activity areas and believe that physical experiences, access to knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes are necessary to promote long term participation in physical activity.

We aim to provide challenges that allow pupils to develop physically, socially and intellectually. The development of confidence, tolerance and an appreciation of one's own and others' strengths and weaknesses are considered to be essential components of the learning process and will help all students in their future careers.

Key Stage 3 (Years 7-8)

All pupils follow a broad and balanced curriculum and have the opportunity to participate in a range of games, Gymnastics, Fitness and problem solving activities.

Key Stage 4 (Years 9-11)

At Key Stage 4 pupils continue to develop their skills, techniques and understanding in a variety of activities. We encourage pupils to take responsibility for their own learning and have the confidence to improve their standards of performance in a chosen activity pathway.

Students are offered options for further study in Key Stage 4, at either BTEC or GCSE level. At GCSE, pupils will follow the Edexcel Syllabus which comprises of a 40% practical and 60% theoretical course and is run over three years (9-11). At BTEC, students complete the 'Tech Award Sport', comprising four varied modules.

Key Stage 5

Sixth form students have the opportunity to study A Level Physical Education. This is the OCR qualification and comprises 30% practical sport and 70% theoretical elements in an exam at the end of Year 13. Students have 5 lessons per week studying Physiology, Psychology, and Socio-Cultural Studies in sport.


The department has been awarded Sports Mark for its excellent extra-curricular programme and the teams are regularly involved in finals for West Midlands and Birmingham in a range of different sports. Pupils’ participation is high both during lessons and at the numerous after- school clubs with many of our students competing at a high level outside of school, especially in athletics and football. The extra-curricular timetable is extensive and embraces numerous sporting activities.