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MP for Northfield visits STACS

Today we had the pleasure of meeting our MP Gary Sambrook.

Prior to the visit we were delighted to meet Emma Birks from ‘Asylum Matters’. She heard that Gary was visiting and offered support to our students, guiding them in how to ask the right questions.

We invited Gary to come to our school to talk to him about the anti-refugee bill, clause 11 ensuring that we don’t have a 2-tier system of welcoming refugees.

We wanted to make sure asylum seekers don’t arrive to Birmingham with dire conditions.

We thought we would only have a few moments with our MP but he spent 20 minutes listening to us. Laura asked about offering transportation for people seeking refuge. Serenity asked if the legal system has improved with us helping asylum seekers and refugees over the years. Kirstie questioned him about why we have a shortage of workers. James spoke to him about not only Ukranian refugees but about Syrian and Middle Eastern refugees who need our help and support.

He was happy to have a photo shot of the students handing over the red valentine cards but we weren’t allowed to show the words ‘anti refugee bill’!

Thank you for giving up your time to listen to our campaign and for offering us a tour of The Houses of Parliament in the future. We look forward to meeting you again.

Alina, Mia, Olivia, Kirstie, Ruth, Laura, Summer, Abi, Euan, James and Dayton
(Year 8 – Chaplaincy Change-Makers)