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Year 6 Transition

Science Ecological Practical

8DI took part in a Science ecological practical today, a first for their teacher, Mrs Lavelle. They used quadrats to estimate the quantities of plant and animal species (as well as other things like litter) in a small area. They found daisies, dandelions, litter, woodlouse and even a Mr. Stephenson!

Miley, Charlotte and Diaz found 20 daisies in one of their quadrat drops and 1 piece of litter and 5 woodlice in another.

Corey, Ellie and Marley found 9 daisies, 10 dandelions and 1 piece of litter in one quadrant and 4 woodlice and 1 piece of litter in another.

Alessia, Niamh and Carter found 10 daisies and 2 slugs in one quadrat area, and 3 daisies and 1 dandelion in another.

Best of all, Mrs Lavelle got to dress up like a 'real' Science teacher! Thanks for Mrs Toal, who helped us.

Mrs Lavelle
Head of Year 9