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St Thomas Aquinas

Year 6 Transition

School Uniform


Our Uniform

Sweatshirt: Black with red and silver trim at V neck and House name
Shirt: plain white. Must button up to the neck and be suitable for wearing with a clip on tie.
Tie: Black, red and silver school tie with house colour
Trousers: Black School approved, tailored trousers. (Trutex Slim fit girls' GTN/BLK with school badge)
Skirt: Black drop pleat (knee length) available from our uniform suppliers.
Tights: Plain black opaque tights. Patterned tights are not permitted.
Socks:  If worn with a skirt, these must be plain black.

  • Formal black leather/leather look school shoes with a low broad heel (no wooden/cork).
  • No trainers or logos allowed.
  • No colours on the shoes.


  • Coats must be plain black
  • They should not contain any logos, pictures or elaborate decoration
  • They should not be denim or leather
  • No hooded/tracksuit tops allowed
  • No football caps or baseball caps allowed.
  • Scarves must be plain black

School Bag:

  • Must be a suitable size bag for carrying equipment and books
  • Handbags are not permitted


  • No make-up, nail varnish, acrylic nails or jewellery should be worn to school at any time.
  • The only piece of jewellery allowed is a watch

Hair Styles:

  • Must be smart in appearance
  • No lines/patterns should be shaved into the hair.
  • No large hair accessories should be worn.
  • Extreme changes of hair colour are not permitted.

Summer Uniform:

  • Students may opt to wear a school red polo shirt
  • The school sweatshirt may also be dispensed with during this period.
  • Students electing not to wear the polo shirt must remain in full school uniform

Our PE Kit

  • Black/red polo shirt or slim fit shirt, synthetic ‘football shirt’ material, personalised with surname.
  • Black/red shorts or skirt
  • Red socks
  • Black/red hoody (optional)

Uniform Suppliers

Kids Essentials
Bristol Rd South
B31 2NN
Clive Mark Schoolwear LTD
38-40 Poplar Rd
B14 7AD

 We expect all students to comply fully with our uniform policy. Students uniform will be checked by staff as they arrive to school.

The final decision as to whether a student’s appearance is appropriate or not rests with the school.

Any student who fails to wear appropriate school uniform will have a consequence from those outlined below:

  • Students who do not come in correct footwear may be sent home to rectify this (in accordance with DfE guidance) and must return to school immediately (parents will be notified of this by a member of SLT as well as an agreed time for when they are expected to return). This will not count as an exclusion but will be coded as an authorised absence until they return at the specified time.
  • Students in incorrect uniform that they can rectify at school will be sent to our uniform store to do this and receive a C1 (same night detention) for 30 minutes
  • If a student can rectify their uniform but they refuse to do this, they will receive a C4 isolation day.
  • If a student has to rectify their uniform, the item that has had to be changed will be confiscated until the end of the day.


At St Thomas Aquinas we have the highest expectations of our students. Therefore, their learning is incredibly important to us, so they must be prepared with the correct equipment to maximise their learning potential. At St Thomas Aquinas we expect every student to have at least the following available equipment every day for every lesson;

We expect students to have at least...

  • A 30cm (in length) clear pencil case
  • 2 black or blue biro pens
  • 1 green pen
  • 1 pencil
  • 1 pencil sharpener
  • 1 eraser
  • A 30cm ruler
  • 1 Glue stick
  • 1 Highlighter
  • A Calculator

An equipment pack can be purchased from the school with all the above for £2.50. Equally, a stationary shop with spare equipment will also be available in the ARC every day and replacements can be purchased for a small fee. If students would like to have more equipment than above that is fine, but the list above is the minimum expectation that we have of our students.


As you are aware in 2017 the Mathematics GCSE was reformed meaning that the GCSE is more difficult. Students are now required to have a scientific calculator that performs several advanced functions. Equally other subjects like Science, Geography and Business to name a few, require students to use calculators to help them in their studies.

It is imperative that all of our students are fully equipped to meet the demands of such requirements. All students will be required to purchase one of the following calculators for September 2019. Calculators will be part of our essential equipment list and therefore a consequence will follow if a student does not bring the appropriate calculator to school every day starting in the new academic year.

There are 3 suggested calculators that will perform all of the functions required for GCSE.

Casio Calculators

  • fx-85 Scientific Calculator
  • fx-83 Scientific Calculator

These are these easiest to find and are in most supermarkets or stationary shops (Asda, Tesco, WHSmith…). The price ranges from £9.00 to £12.00. They are also available to buy online from amazon and other online stores.


Aurora Calculators

  • AX-595TV

This is the cheapest scientific calculator and ranges from £5.50 - £7.00 however the majority of stockists are on online (Amazon). It is important that you buy the model AX-595TV as TV stands for true view which is recommended for the GCSE. Some of the older models do not have the functionality required for GCSE.


Sharp Calculators

  • EL-W531 Writeview

This calculator ranges from £7.50 - £10. It is again important to note that this version is the write view model which is recommended for GCSE. Older models do not have the functionality required for GCSE.

Lost Property

Lost Property is housed at Student Services and students can collect it from there every morning and afternoon. Lost property will also be on display the last Wednesday of the half term in the small dining room at the end of the day, should parents wish to come and look. Due to the amount of lost property collected we have to dispose of any items left at the end of every half term.