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St Thomas Aquinas

Year 6 Transition

Year 11 - Aztec Adventure, Upton Warren

Date: 8th September 2023

Just 15 miles from school you will find Aztec Adventure at Upton Warren. The 20-acre lake is perfect for water sports and the beautiful surroundings have plenty of space for a multitude of land-based activities.

Experience shows how important it is for students to maintain perspective as they approach their GCSEs; to access reserves of inner strength they may not realise they have, to demonstrate resilience when needed and to have sufficient confidence to ask for help when required. The purpose of this Aquinas Experience is to prove to students that they are strong enough to cope with the year that lies ahead. It will also give them opportunities to further build friendships and relationships with staff.

Aztec Upton Warren have planned a full day of outdoor activities for your child. Led by expert instructors in small teams, students will have access to all of the activities on offer. Students, tutors and support staff will be encouraged to try activities at the level they feel comfortable with. Should any of us choose to challenge ourselves further, then this can be safely accommodated too!
Staff who manage and operate the long-established site are used to leading large school groups in all of the activities that they offer. Part of their professional responsibility is to ensure safety equipment is worn correctly and that their safety instructions are followed. Aztec Upton Warren provide all of the safety equipment needed and check its integrity regularly.

Lisa Taylor
Student Data Office / Educational Visits Co-ordinator 

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List of activities 

When parents sign up to Aztec Adventure at Upton Warren they agree to their child taking part in a selection of activities as advertised on their website: https://www.aztecadventure.co.uk/upton-warren/ . If students sign up for water activities they must be able to swim at least 25m.

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