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Year 8 – Avoncroft museum

Date: 17th July

In July Year 8 and their tutors will be off to North Worcestershire to visit Avoncroft Museum.

Avoncroft Museum is home to over 30 different buildings and structures which have been rescued and re-built in rural Worcestershire. The Museum is spread over 19 acres and includes a wildflower meadow, period gardens, a traditional cider and perry orchard as well as the collection of historic buildings.

The buildings on site include a medieval town house, a toll house, a prefab, a windmill and a church. The museum is also home to the National Collection of Telephone Kiosks.

All students will have the opportunity to:

- attend brickmaking and wattle and daub workshops,- nail making demonstrations,
- have the opportunity to grind wheat into flour during a visit to the Windmill,
- there will be volunteers in the telephone kiosk collections so students will be able to call each other and see inside an old phone exchange,
- there will be reenactors in the Town House talking about medieval life and the building,
- there will be reenactors in the Toll House again talking about the building and
- there will be reenactors in the prefab talking about the world war and life in a Prefab.


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